Tuloskiinteistöt provides authorised property valuations (AKA) and certifications of purchase

Elina Is an authorised property valuer who has been approved by Finland Chamber of Commerce’s Property Valuation Board, and a notary appointed by the National Land Survey of Finland. She carries out valuations of commercial premises, plots, residential properties and specialised properties.

What is an AKA valuation?

You should commission an AKA valuation when you need an impartial expert assessment, for example, in connection with demanding real estate transactions, collateral valuations, financial statements, leases, the distribution of inheritances and matrimonial assets, and disputes.

An AKA valuation requires the valuer to familiarise themselves with factors that affect the property’s value, such as the zoning plan, the property’s purpose of use, completed comparison transactions in the area, the costs of new construction, and the investors’ return requirements.

AKA valuers must have suitable qualifications and years of practical experience. They demonstrate their competence by passing the demanding AKA exam. AKA valuers undertake to comply with the Property Valuation Board’s rules, guidelines and regulations, Good Valuation Practice (Finnish guidelines) and international valuation standards.

The cost of a property valuation is influenced by factors such as the nature and complexity of the property and the scope of the valuation.

Certification of purchase

If you are buying, selling, donating or exchanging fixed assets (such as a plot), you will need the services of a notary. The notary will confirm the transfer of property. A certification of purchase costs EUR 120, plus any travel and documentation costs.

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