Property valuation is pivotal for decision-making in the real estate sector, offering an expert, objective assessment of a property’s current market value.

A valuation gives you a clear idea of the value of your property, which will help you make important decisions in the real estate business.

A property valuation is an integral part of the real estate business. Buyers, financers and owners are increasingly interested in enhancing the value of their properties. As the real estate ownership base becomes more international, valuations are playing an increasingly important role.

Tuloskiinteistöt’s property valuers all have lengthy and diverse experience in the real estate sector, factors affecting valuations, and the valuation process itself. The longer and more extensive the valuer’s experience, the better they will be able to take all of the relevant factors into account.

We have property valuation experts approved by AKA (Authorised Property Valuers) and Finland Chamber of Commerce at our disposal.

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