Tuloskiinteistöt has lengthy experience in providing brokerage and advisory services for the sale of business premises and investment properties.

We have acted as advisors and brokers in the sale of business premises and investment properties all across Finland.

These properties have included a broad range of buildings and premises, including land areas, offices, shopping centres, housing portfolios, and retail, logistics and production premises.

We know the market and the needs of market participants – and even the balance sheets of our closest partners – which is a clear advantage when trying to identify a broad range of potential buyers or sellers.

We take care of all aspects of our client’s transactions, and carry out our commissions carefully, professionally and with a proactive, goal-oriented approach.

Our lengthy and diverse expertise in property brokerage achieves the best possible result for our clients. Tuloskiinteistöt’s experienced team has witnessed all of the highs and lows of the real estate market for over 40 years. Over the decades, we have been accustomed to finding creative solutions even in challenging market situations, as simple sales offers have not found interested buyers.

All properties will sell – as long as they are correctly priced.

Before launching the sales process, we familiarise ourselves with submarkets, price levels, return requirements, and any other price determination factors that are important for the client. This enables us to set a realistic price target from the outset. Overpricing or underpricing is in nobody’s best interests when you are aiming for credibility and a positive outcome within a reasonable or desired timeframe.

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