Tuloskiinteistöt, Oskari Hartikainen and Kalle Hallanoro team up to establish TK Asset Management Oy

TK Asset Management Oy started its operations on 1.1.2024.

The company focuses on active local real estate asset management and development in The Helsinki Metropolitan Area and Turku region.
It also acts as a partner for investors in joint ventures and club deals.

The company was founded by Oskari Hartikainen and Kalle Hallanoro along with the commercial real estate advisory company Tuloskiinteistöt Oy, whose CEO is Matti Äijälä.
The new company’s key personnel had previously worked together for several years at the real estate investment company Auratum Kiinteistöt Oy and were responsible for, amongst other things the management and development of commercial real estate assets as well as managing private equity real estate funds and joint ventures.

Alongside Hartikainen, Hallanoro and Äijälä, the company’s key personnel also includes Johnny Larsson, a partner at Tuloskiinteistöt Oy,
who has acted for 15 years as a local operating partner for international investors in the Turku region through his company Famla Ab.
Famla’s Asset Management business was also transferred to TK Asset Management as of 1.1.2024.

TK Asset Management’s operations are founded on a strong local presence and the long-term and diverse experience of its key personnel. The company has offices in Helsinki and Turku. At the time of TK Asset Management’s establishment, the value of the assets under management exceeded EUR 100 million.

More info on:
Oskari Hartikainen, Partner, TK Asset Management Oy
tel: +358 50 3310044

Kalle Hallanoro, Partner, TK Asset Management Oy
tel: +358 50 3577675

Matti Äijälä, CEO & Partner, Tuloskiinteistöt Oy
tel: +358 45 634 4400

Johnny Larsson, Director & Partner, Tuloskiinteistöt Oy
tel: +358 40 018 1918