Tuloskiinteistöt is commercial real estate agent of the year 2021

Solution-oriented with positive energy – Tuloskiinteistöt is commercial real estate agent of the year 2021

Sponda gave its 2021 Commercial Real Estate Agent of the Year award to Tuloskiinteistöt. The company’s expertise and attitude received particular praise from the jury during these exceptional times. “This team actively seek solutions and creates positive energy around itself,” says Rasmus Vuorinen, Sponda’s Head of Office Leasing.

The award was announced at Citycenter Helsinki on 17 March 2022, and was received by a five-person team from Tuloskiinteistöt: Jukka Knaapi (partner), Jussi-Pekka Kouki (partner), Matti Äijälä (CEO), Jorma Ryynänen (Head of Sales ) and Tommi Ryynänen (Junior Leasing Advisor.)

“This award constitutes very important recognition for a job well done. We’re happy and proud to have received it, and thanks are due to all our personnel”, says Knaapi. The award seeks to highlight top professionals in the field and the significant role they play in renting out business premises.

In addition to those collecting the award, the team from the award-winning office also includes Ritva Nuotio (Leasing Advisor), Juho Haapasalo (Leasing Advisor) and Julia Knaapi (Marketing Manager). The company operates in Helsinki and Turku, and focuses on renting out business premises.

Our proactive attitude stems from our corporate culture

Sponda’s Rasmus Vuorinen, who presented the award, highlighted the company’s profound expertise and positive attitude, which were particularly important during these exceptional times.

“Tuloskiinteistöt’s professionals listen carefully to all parties and diligently work towards common goals. This has generated significant results. The team’s positive attitude and energy have also been exemplary and inspiring during these exceptional times”, says Vuorinen.

Knaapi says that the team’s proactive attitude stems from Tuloskiinteistöt’s corporate culture. In an agile company with nine employees, everyone works at the client interface in a self-directed manner. Many joint activities are also arranged at the office.

“One good example of this is that everyone wanted to work at the office during the pandemic, even though client contacts were mainly handled remotely,” the CEO says, laughing.

Everything revolves around listening to clients

There is a lengthy shared history to this productive and good-spirited cooperation. Tuloskiinteistöt was established in 1987 and has been Sponda’s partner for several decades.

“We know Sponda’s properties, needs and personnel very well. We appreciate their profound expertise and quick responses to the client’s requests or offers. The material we receive from Sponda is also of high quality, which gives our customers the impression of a professional client who takes good care of its properties”, says Knaapi.

“Although remote working has changed companies’ needs for office space, the work done by real estate agents remains unchanged.”

Although the pandemic and an increase in remote working have changed companies’ need for office space, Knaapi believes that the role played by real estate agents has not changed.

“A real estate agent must identify the needs of both the client and the landlord. The best experts will then work with the owner to fulfil the client’s needs and requests.”


Sponda’s Vuorinen also says that listening to clients should be the number-one priority.

“Tenants are increasingly quality conscious and seek offers from several properties. It’s important for the real estate agent to be able to convey both the client’s conscious and unconscious needs, so that we can respond to them as comprehensively as possible”.

Remote working increased the value of office space

Knaapi says that the location, attractiveness and responsibility of business premises have become increasingly important for companies in recent years. Premium premises in city centres and growth centres are in high demand. The recruitment value of premises has also increased.

Vuorinen says that it is vital for landlords to have a high-quality selection of premises and be able to respond quickly to clients’ changing needs.

It’s vital for landlords to have a high-quality section of premises and respond quickly to clients’ changing needs.

“The pandemic has been an effective catalyst in the transformation of office culture into hybrid work that utilises technology. This change has heavily underlined environmental responsibility, the quality of premises and wellbeing at work.”

Vuorinen says that many companies have noticed how the office has played a critical role in their success after the remote working boom.

“From the perspective of corporate culture and leadership, it’s important that encounters take place and ideas are generated. We aim to provide spaces that enable companies to grow and move forward.”

The award ceremony at Citycenter continued with some food, beverages and relaxed socialising. The team members received their flowers and congratulations, and no one seemed to be in a hurry to leave.

“Meeting people is the best part of my job, even if I don’t leave every event with a bouquet of flowers and a certificate of honour,” says Knaapi, laughing.