Our clients’ verdict: Tuloskiinteistöt’s NPS = 78%

The results of our client survey

We commissioned an image survey via the Oulu-based software company Zef Oy in order to find out what kind of impressions you have of Tuloskiinteistöt.
The number of responses exceeded our expectations – thank you! See below for some highlights and our thoughts on the survey results.

The survey was carried out both before and after the turn of the year, and we received a lot of valuable feedback.

We wanted to find out what our business looks like through the eyes of our clients and partners, and what kind of impressions you have of Tuloskiinteistöt and our business. Naturally, we also wanted to find out how we could
develop our operations and improve our customer experience.

We were particularly pleased with our high NPS score and the large number of free-form comments we received. Many of you felt that doing business with us is easy and pleasant. You felt that Tuloskiinteistöt is responsible, professional, reliable and high-quality. We also received praise for our good personalised service.

The free-form comments also highlighted some areas that require a little modernisation and a need to develop our communication channels. Tuloskiinteistöt was seen as “old-fashioned in a good way” and “a traditional senior operator”. Although these comments can be considered positive, they also indicate a slight need for renewal. Many people said they wanted our communications to include more client stories, market reviews and information about investment properties.

We have carried out a self-assessment of our operations and also feel a need to modernise, although without changing the basic concept that has allowed us to forge trusting partnerships and long-term client relationships that have in some cases lasted for decades.
The results of the client survey confirmed our thoughts on this.

The foundations are, as they say, in order, so now is a good time to do some surface renovations. We want to improve our services, operating methods and accessibility. We also want to introduce additional services enabled by new digital solutions, thereby generating more added value for you, our clients and our stakeholders.

We have a firm foundation to build on – thank you!

Best regards,
the Tuloskiinteistöt team